Bible Crossfire 4 minute preludes

It Matters What We Believe And Teach Listen
Accept Jesus Christ As Your Personal Saviour? Listen
Doctrine Is Important Listen
It Matters How A Christian Lives Listen
Belief Is Absolutely Necessary Listen
Is Salvation By Faith Only A Most Wholesome Doctrine? Listen
Baptism Is Essential Listen
Trust And Obey Listen
Obeying The Truth Listen
Divorce And Remarriage Acceptance Led To Gay Marriage Acceptance Listen
Can A Christian Lose His Salvation? Listen
Abiding In The Doctrine Of Christ Listen
Is The Bible Out Of Date? Listen
Should Women Have Leadership Roles In The Church? Listen
Nothing But The Blood Listen
It Is Either All Or Nothing With The Old Testament Listen
How Is A Sinner Justified By Faith? Listen
Does The Fact That John 3:16 Doesn't Mention Baptism Prove Baptism Is Not Necessary? Listen
God Never Spoke To Just Everybody Listen
God's Unconditional And Conditional Love Listen
II Peter 2:20-22 Listen
Matt 25:30 The Unprofitable Servant Listen
Things We Learn From II John 9-11 Listen
How Can We Know Which Preacher Is Telling Us The Truth? Listen
What Doth The Lord Thy God Require Of Thee? Listen
Southern Baptist Church Says Gay Marriages Must Be Terminated But Not Adulterous Marriages Listen
Matthew 19:9 Listen
II Thessalonians 1:8-9 Listen
Deutoronomy 5:29 Keep ALL My Commandments ALWAYS Listen
What Washes Away Sins - Jesus' Blood Or Baptism? Listen
Ezekiel 18:21-24 Listen
The Difference Between The WHO And The WHEN In Salvation Listen
We Should Try To Live Perfectly Listen
Jesus Is Lord Of Lords And King Of Kings Listen
Go And Sin No More Listen

Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men ... II Cor 5:11