Divorce And Remarriage

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  Gay Marriage
  Matthew 19:9 States The Facts Of The Case; Romans 7:2-3 States The Reason
  The Force Of The Word 'Except' In Matthew 19:9
  Does I Corinthians 7:15 Allow Another Scriptural Cause For Divorce?
  Marital Separation Is Sinful
  Divorce Even Without Remarriage Is Sinful
  What About Marriages Before One Was Saved?
  Who Is Amenable To Jesus' Divorce And Remarriage Law?
  But To The Rest Speak I, Not The Lord
  Abide In That Calling
  Why Adulterous Marriages Must Be Terminated
  But What If There Are Children?
  Refuting Olan Hicks' Position On Divorce And Remarriage
  Are We Taking Herodias' Side In Her Dispute With John The Baptist?
  And Such Were Some Of You
  May The Divorced Remarry If Their Original Spouse Dies?
  Methodist Compromises On Divorce
  Did Deuteronomy 24:1ff Really Allow Divorce?
  Is Jesus Just Explaining The Divorce Law Of Deut 24:1-4?
  The Difference In Joined, Bound, And Married
  The Two Types Of Mental Divorce
  Why Does Remarriage After Divorce Result In Adultery "Against" The Original Spouse?
  What Does "Causeth Her To Commit Adultery" In Matt 5:32 Mean?
  Does The NKJV Translation "Sexual Immorality" In Matt 19:9 Mean One Can Divorce For Lust?
  Does Becoming A "New Creature" Mean All Previous Marriages Are Erased?
  Why Must Reconciliation With The Original Spouse Be Attempted?
  May The Put Away Fornicator Marry Another?
  Why Has There Been So Much Compromise On Divorce And Remarriage?

For John said unto him, It is not lawful for thee to have her. - Matthew 14:4