Vicarious Atonement Of Christ

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  Was The Scapegoat A Type Of Christ?
  Jesus Was Cursed Instead Of Us
  Jesus' Sacrifice Makes God Just When He Justifies
  Our Sins Were Laid On Jesus
  Was Jesus Made To Be Sin For Us?
  Genesis 22 - Jesus Died In The Stead Of Us
  Caiaphas' Prophecy - Jesus Would Die Instead Of Us
  God Forsook Jesus On The Cross
  Jesus Was Forsaken - Some Objections Considered
  To Whom The Stroke Was Due
  What Does The Bible Mean When It Says Jesus Bore Our Sins?
  Does 'We Did Esteem Him Smitten Of God' Mean Jesus Was Not Smitten Of God?
  Jesus Was Punished Instead Of Us
  Why Has There Been Such An Outcry By Brethren Against Isaiah 53:6c?
  If Isaiah 53:6c Is True Then Universalism Is True?
  Was Jesus' Death Only Vicarious In Appearance?
  The Unusual Case Where An Old Testament Verse Is Quoted By Another Old Testament Verse
  Let The Context Decide What Is Going On In Psalms 22
  The Debate Between Barton Stone And Alexander Campbell On Our Substitutionary Death Issue
  Should We Reject Scriptural Truth In Order To Help Fight False Doctrine?

the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. - Isaiah 53:6c