For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments Ezra 7:10

  Accepting Jesus Christ As Your Personal Savour
  Bales - I Not The Lord
  Baptism is Essential
  Baptism Must Be Done For The Remission Of Sins
  Baptism - Preaching Too Much On Baptism
  Baptism Saves (I Peter 3:21)
  Baptist Church - What Is Its Main Difference With The Church Of The Bible?
  Baptist Church - Why I Left the Baptist Church
  Becoming a Christian
  Beware The Extremist
  Biases Against Churches of Christ
  Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost
  Book, Chapter, and Verse For Book, Chapter, and Verse
  Can a Brother Perish ?
  Cannot Sin In I John 3:9
  Church - How Can We Know The Lord's Church ?
  College Professors
  Committeth Sin In I John 3:8
  Confession With The Mouth
  Contradictions - Why Are There Apparent Contradictions in the Bible ?
  Covering Issue and the 1990 Freed-Hardeman Forum
  Covering and Women Preachers
  Debate - KJV Condemns?
  Debating - Have You Ever Heard A Sermon On?
  Debts - We Must Pay Our Debts
  Degrees of Punishment
  Did The Father Forsake Jesus On The Cross ?
  Discipline - Is It Required By God ?
  Disfellowship - What Does It Mean ?
  Divorce Includes The Legal
  Divorce Only
  Divorce - What Is Divorce?
  Dressing Up For Services
  Eternal Life - Do We Presently Possess It ?
  Example - Things We Learn By
  Fasting Shall Cease?
  Forget The Consequences
  Forgiveness In The Old Testament
  Forgiveness - If He Repent Forgive Him
  General Condemning the Specific
  God Hates Sin
  Great Commission - Did It Apply To The Apostles Only ?
  Hebrews 10:25 - Is It Okay To Miss The Assembly For Work ?
  Helping Others
  Hypothetical Situations
  I Corinthians 14.34-35 - A Reply To My Friend Tom Wheeler
  I Corinthians 14.34-35 - Does It Apply Today ?
  I Corinthians 14.34-35 - Is It the Not/But Construction ?
  Immodest Dress - Attending Sporting Events
  Inspiration - Some Brethren's False View Of
  Jews Are No Longer God's Chosen People
  Judging A Sermon
  Levels Of Reward
  Limited Atonement
  Long Hair On Women
  Lord's Supper - Frequency of Observance
  Love Is It Required For Initial Salvation ?
  Man of Contention
  Marrying a non-Christian is a Sin
  Matthew5:20-48 - What Is The Contrast ?
  Matthew 24
  Mental Divorce and Luke 16.18
  Miraculous Gifts Have Ceased
  Mistakes Made If We Forget When The Text Was Written
  Mental Divorce - Is It A Race To The Lawyer's Office ?
  Open Mind
  Pants On Women
  Personal Indwelling of Holy Spirit
  Pharisee - Jesus Would Be Called A Pharisee Today, part 1
  Pharisee - Jesus Would Be Called A Pharisee Today, part 2
  Plain Meaning Of Scripture
  Predestination And Foreknowledge - The Difference
  Response To Raising Up The People
  Romans And Works
  Search The Scriptures
  Second Mile
  Second Serving
  Silence - The Second Way To Apply The Silence Of The Scriptures
  Sins of Ignorance - As He Is In The Light
  Sins of Ignorance - Assuming What They Have To Prove
  Sins of Ignorance - Passages We Don't Dare Apply to Ourselves
  Sins of Ignorance - Is A Good General Life Enough ?
  Sins of Ignorance - Ignorance Is No Excuse
  Sins of Ignorance - In and Out ?
  Sins of Ignorance - Secret Faults
  Sins of Ignorance - Seek And Ye Shall Find
  Sins of Ignorance - In The Old Testament
  Sins of Ignorance - Turn
  Sins of Ignorance - Why Is This An Important Issue ?
  Speak In The Church
  Substitutionary Death Of Christ
  Teach Or Be Lost
  They Shall Take Up Serpents
  Titus 2:5 is Not a Recommendation
  Unity - Does God Desire the Appearance of Unity ?
  Vicarious Atonement

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you ... Matt 28:20