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12-17-2017 It Is Either All Or Nothing With The Old Testament outline
12-10-2017 False Teaching Causes People To Be Lost article
12-03-2017 The Conversion Of Saul outline
11-26-2017 What Should We Do When Verses Seem To Contradict? outline
11-19-2017 Where Do The Different Interpretations Of The Bible Come From? article
11-12-2017 The Lord's Supper outline Listen
11-05-2017 Acts 2:38 outline Listen
10-29-2017 Miracles Have Ceased charts Listen
10-22-2017 What Is A False Teacher? - part II outline Listen
10-15-2017 What Is A False Teacher? outline Listen
10-08-2017 If We Offend God's Law In One Point, We Are Guilty Of All outline Listen
10-01-2017 Faith Which Worketh By Love - part II charts Listen
09-24-2017 Faith Which Worketh By Love charts Listen
09-17-2017 Not Loving The Truth Leads To Believing A Lie outline Listen
09-10-2017 Teaching For Doctrines The Commandments Of Men - part II outline Listen
09-03-2017 Teaching For Doctrines The Commandments Of Men outline Listen
08-27-2017 If The Blind Lead The Blind - part II outline Listen
08-20-2017 If The Blind Lead The Blind, Both Shall Fall Into The Ditch outline Listen
08-13-2017 Why Call Ye Me, Lord, Lord? - part II outline Listen
08-06-2017 Why Call Ye Me, Lord, Lord, And Do Not The Things Which I Say? outline Listen
07-30-2017 Does It Matter What We Teach? - replay of 12-11-16 program outline Listen
07-23-2017 What About The Little Things? outline Listen
07-16-2017 Remember Lot's Wife outline Listen
07-09-2017 There Is A Way Which Seemeth Right Unto A Man outline Listen
07-02-2017 Does A Sinner Have To Be Baptized To Be Saved? - part II charts Listen
06-25-2017 Does A Sinner Have To Be Baptized To Be Saved? article Listen
06-18-2017 The Difference In Fornication And Adultery - part II outline Listen
06-11-2017 The Difference In Fornication And Adultery outline Listen
06-04-2017 Nothing But The Blood article Listen
05-28-2017 Should Women Have Leadership Roles In The Church? article Listen
05-21-2017 Trust And Obey article Listen
05-14-2017 Are Infants Born In Sin? charts Listen
05-07-2017 If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments outline Listen
04-30-2017 Can A Christian Lose His Salvation? article Listen
04-23-2017 Why A Christian Must Obey The Laws Of The Land - part II outline Listen
04-16-2017 Why A Christian Must Obey The Laws Of The Land outline Listen
04-09-2017 Don't Add To Or Take Away From God's Word outline Listen
04-02-2017 The Authority And Sufficiency Of God's Word - part II outline Listen
03-26-2017 The Authority And Sufficiency Of God's Word outline Listen
03-19-2017 Does It Matter What We Believe? - replay of 1-31-16 program article Listen
03-12-2017 Does It Matter What We Practice In Religion? article Listen
03-05-2017 Sound Doctrine outline Listen
02-26-2017 Going By The Old Testament Causes Us To Lose Our Salvation outline Listen
02-19-2017 How To Choose A Church outline Listen
02-12-2017 Gay Is Not Okay outline Listen
02-05-2017 Discipleship - What Is The Cost? (concluded) outline Listen
01-29-2017 Discipleship - What Is The Cost? outline Listen
01-22-2017 Matters That Matter outline Listen
01-15-2017 Jesus Is The Lamb Of God outline Listen
01-08-2017 Forgiveness outline Listen
01-01-2017 Abiding In The Doctrine Of Christ outline Listen
12-25-2016 Is Salvation By Faith Only A "Most Wholesome Doctrine"? article Listen
12-18-2016 God's Character outline Listen
12-11-2016 Does It Matter What We Teach Religiously? outline Listen
12-04-2016 Does It Matter How A Christian Lives? article Listen
11-27-2016 Is The Bible Out Of Date? article Listen
11-20-2016 The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth article Listen
11-13-2016 Is One Faith As Good As Another? outline Listen
11-06-2016 What If We Believe A Lie? outline Listen
10-30-2016 Will Jews, etc. Be Saved Even If They Don't Believe in Jesus? outline Listen
10-23-2016 Divorce And Remarriage - replay of Aug 14 program outline Listen
10-16-2016 Obeying The Truth outline Listen
10-09-2016 Withdrawal outline Listen
10-02-2016 Personal Evangelism outline Listen
09-25-2016 Everlasting Punishment outline Listen
09-18-2016 Heaven outline Listen
09-11-2016 Partaking In Other Men's Sins outline Listen
09-04-2016 Sancified Sins outline Listen
08-28-2016 Born Again - What Does That Mean? outline Listen
08-21-2016 John 3:16 charts Listen
08-14-2016 Divorce And Remarriage - part III outline Listen
08-07-2016 Divorce And Remarriage - part II charts Listen
07-31-2016 Review Of Women Preachers Debate charts Listen
07-24-2016 Preview Of Upcoming Women Preachers Debate charts Listen
07-17-2016 Divorce And Remarriage outline Listen
07-10-2016 The Cleansing Of Naaman outline Listen
07-03-2016 Sprinkling For Baptism? outline Listen
06-26-2016 The Brazen Serpent outline Listen
06-19-2016 Is Salvation By Faith Only? article Listen
06-12-2016 The Thief On The Cross charts Listen
06-05-2016 Lessons From The Walls Of Jericho outline Listen
05-29-2016 Homosexuality outline Listen
05-22-2016 Can A Christian Fall From Grace? outline Listen
05-15-2016 Does Galatians Teach We Are Not Under Any Law Today? outline Listen
05-08-2016 Six Literal 24-Hour Day Creation with Tommy Thrasher charts Listen
05-01-2016 Religious Debating outline Listen
04-24-2016 Baptism Is Essential To Salvation article Listen
04-17-2016 Is Doctrine Important? outline Listen
04-10-2016 Seek And Ye Shall Find charts Listen
04-03-2016 Watchtower Witnesses outline Listen
03-27-2016 Mormonism outline Listen
03-20-2016 Should Christians Fast Today? outline Listen
03-13-2016 Is Teaching Obedience Teaching A Works Based Salvation? outline Listen
03-06-2016 Do Christians Have To Follow Rules? outline Listen
02-28-2016 Religious Division outline Listen
02-21-2016 Infant Baptism? charts Listen
02-14-2016 Does God Care How We Worship Him? outline Listen
02-07-2016 Old Testament And New Testament Laws - Differences outline Listen
01-31-2016 Does It Matter What We Believe? article Listen
01-24-2016 Why Are There So Many Interpretations Of The Bible? - part II article Listen
01-17-2016 Why Are There So Many Interpretations Of The Bible? article Listen
01-10-2016 Matt 5:20-48 Ye Have Heard It Said ... But I Say Unto You article Listen
01-03-2016 Calling On The Name Of The Lord article Listen
12-27-2015 What Would Jesus Do? outline Listen
12-20-2015 Watering Down The Gospel outline Listen
12-13-2015 Unconditional Election charts Listen
12-06-2015 Miracles article Listen
11-29-2015 Prejudice outline Listen
11-22-2015 Original Sin? charts Listen
11-15-2015 Obedience outline Listen
11-08-2015 Accept Jesus Christ As Your Personal Saviour? outline Listen
11-01-2015 End Times outline Listen
10-25-2015 Deity Of Christ charts Listen
10-18-2015 Did Jesus Die For Everybody? charts Listen
10-11-2015 Abortion with Allen Dvorak outline Listen
10-04-2015 The Sabbath charts Listen
09-27-2015 The Reliability Of The New Testament Text with Jeff Smelser website Listen
09-20-2015 Women Preachers? charts Listen
09-13-2015 Creation/Evolution with Tommy Thrasher outline Listen
09-06-2015 Does A Sinner Have To Be Baptized To Be Saved? article Listen
08-30-2015 Baptism - Who, What, and Why? outline Listen
08-23-2015 Once Saved Always Saved? outline Listen
08-16-2015 Gay Marriage - Is It Scriptural? outline Listen
08-09-2015 Faith And Works - Their Relationship In Our Salvation outline Listen
08-02-2015 Adulterous Marriages (per Matt 19:9) Must Be Terminated outline Listen
07-26-2015 Old Testament Law Is No Longer Binding outline Listen
07-19-2015 Does It Matter What We Believe, Teach, And Practice In Religion? outline Listen

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This brought Paul and Barnabas into sharp dispute and debate with them Acts 15:2 NIV